Women’s Rights 360 Virtual Field Trip — Thinglink

What is Women's Rights 360?

Women’s Rights 360 is an interactive virtual field trip created by the ThingLink Education team. The purpose of the field trip is to help teachers and students discuss the complex topic of global gender equality and women’s rights in the classroom.

Use the arrow icon to move from one country to another.

Look around or create your own

Travel across the world and learn about education, healthcare, social justice, as well as women’s economic and political participation in each country. Look around and click on the icons to activate audio narration. Teachers and schools already using ThingLink 360 can edit the stories and create their own version of the field trip.

Use the arrow icon to move from one country to another.

Ideas for the classroom

Find new teaching resources on this presentation “WR 360 Virtual Field Trip: Ideas for the classroom”. At the most basic level, students can click on any of the interactive images to teleport to one of the countries examined and explore women’s rights as if they were really there. Use the CCSS aligned writing prompts as a summative assessment to demonstrate learning, and share your ideas for further assignments!

How can I participate?

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