CREATE a Virtual Store

Creating an engaging 360° experience of your store is easier than you think. Sign up to watch our webinar "How to create a virtual store in one day" "to learn more about how you can use 360° photos to bring people to your store or showroom virtually, and make your brand story come alive in a whole new way.

Watch the webinar

Do It Yourself: Four things you need to get started

  1. One or more 360° photos of your space
  2. List of products you want to feature (name, price, additional info, links to your online store)
  3. Any additional material that adds to your brand story (videos, audio, interviews with makers, designers, etc.)
  4. ThingLink 360° editor with Premium

Need help in finding a 360° photographer in your area? We are happy to help!
ThingLink Premium account includes a service to locate a photographer in your area. Just drop us an email and let us know your location.

Full service: Get A Virtual store in 5 days

  1. Contact our team to book a time for a photoshoot.
  2. We will locate a professional photographer in your area and send a cost estimate based on how many photos you need
  3. Within five days after the photoshoot, we will send you a link to an interactive 360° photograph of your store. You can review and easily adjust icons or item descriptions if needed.

Drive engagement and conversion with 360° photos

Whether you are promoting a flagship store, a boutique, or a pop-up sale, a virtual version of your store is a space where customers can get an authentic in-store experience even from anywhere in the world. Using a mobile VR headset such as Google Cardboard, they can look around, navigate from one room to another, and explore individual objects that they find interesting.

Additional service: Create Custom Points of Purchase for VR view

If you want to provide your customers a full shopping experience in virtual reality, we can create a custom integration that lets people select and add items to basket inside a virtual reality experience. Icons and annotations can be customized to reflect your brand identity, and hotspots can even contain 3D models of the objects at the store. Contact us to discuss about the options and get a quote.

Analytics: Track Which Items People Are Looking At

Once you open your virtual store, ThingLink you can track user behavior, link views, clicks, and time spent inside your store. This gives you a whole new perspective to marketing your products!