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ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2019 is a self-paced professional development program that consists of four topics and tasks that will help participants develop basic skills for building accessible visual learning experiences using interactive images and videos. The tasks will take advantage of the most recent feature updates in the ThingLink editor including text labeling, Immersive Reader, tour creator, image library, and collaborative editing, courses and assignments.  


ThingLink Teacher Challenge is free and open to all educators globally. You can participate in the challenge by signing up to a free ThingLink teacher account, or upgrade to the Teacher Classroom account at $25 using discount code TL2019.  Each participant who successfully completes all the four tasks will have an option to become a ThingLink Certified Educator and receive a digital badge that can be used in your resume, email signature, or shared via social media.


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Become an expert in building accessible visual learning experiences by completing 4 tasks! No deadline.

You can start the ThingLink Teacher Challenge at any time convenient for you. We accept registrations all year round. First badges for ThingLink Teacher Challenge 2019 will go out in October.


Task 1.

Add questions to outdoor images for student-centered learning

Task 2.

Create an interactive educator profile

Task 3.

Use virtual tours to create a meaningful context for learning

Task 4.

Introduce your classroom using interactive video or 360 image

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Learn more about each task and what you need to do. You can submit tasks individually, or all at the same time using this form. For any questions, please contact