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ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge 2018

What is the ThingLink Teacher Challenge?

Join us for Immersive StoryTelling Across the Globe 

We are moving forward with the ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge. We invite educators from across the globe to join us in this free and self-paced popular online professional development that was designed to help educators create and share immersive 360 stories on the go!

Create, Collaborate and Learn with Us

Join our highly talented community of educators will be creating immersive virtual field trips and tours with 360 images and ThingLink. There is no participation fee, but you do need a Teacher Premium account to create interactive 360 images.Now it's even easier than before to get ThingLink Premium with our new simplified pricing plans for teachers and schools. We are happy to support a team from your school.

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New! Get Task Cards

It's a ThingLink Channel, or Slideshow!

Every week throughout June and July we launch an activity designed to help you learn to create interactive immersive images with ThingLink. We started out simple, to introduce educators to skills through scaffolding.

Find links to the complete activities at the top of any page on ThingLink Teacher Challenge Central, or use the handy task cards below for interactive instructions, featuring ThingLink as a content launcher for resources.






Ways to Use Task Cards

Click to view the channel on to explore the interactive resources.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.04.49 AM Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.07.12 AM
View all of the images in the channel by clicking on the icon, pictured below, at the top of the screen. Click the Share button to embed this collection in your own resources, such as Canvas, Edmodo, Schoology, Blackboard, Moodle, or any platform that is capable of embedding.As the learning progresses, new Task Cards will be added to the Channel and they will also appear in your embedded channel.



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2018 Schedule of Teacher Challenges

This is self-paced professional development. Participants can progress through the lessons on your own schedule.

Week of







Welcome to the ThingLink Teacher Challenge!               

Watch Recorded Webinar

Get Ready for the ThingLink Teacher Challenge Webinar by Susan Oxnevad


Put Yourself on the Map -Design Your Digital Self


Watch Our Participant Map Grow! by Susan Oxnevad




Travel to Our 360 Image Library and Create a Simple Story for VR


Using a 360 Image to Tell an Immersive Story by Susan Oxnevad

Don’t Sweat It! Diving Into Thinglink 360  by Andrew Fehnel




Around the World: Design an Virtual Audio Tour 


Design a Virtual Audio Tour by Ulla Engestrom

Explore 2 Narrated 360 audio tours, featuring the work of L.Michelle Salvant 



Capture Your World Through 360 Images





Personalize Your 360 Storytelling by Connecting Your Toolkit





Create a Global Tour





Shift Learning from Consumption to Creativity





Celebrate the ThingLink Teacher Challenge - Create a Portfolio



Explore Our Participant Map and Watch it Grow







Sign Up for the ThingLink Techer Challenge