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Shift Learning from Consumption to Creativity 

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Activity 7

About This Activity

The Teacher Challenge was designed to help educators experience the higher level learning that takes place when learners of any age engage in the creativity process. The final challenge is to put the pieces into place to  a student learning experience that allows students to learn by creating. 

Our advice is to take it slow at the start of the school year and kick things off with Design Your Digital Self for students to help establish working routines that support creativity and to remind them about Internet safety.  

Follow the steps below to design a student learning experience.

  Shift from Consumption to Creativity at a VR Bootcamp

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Discussion Board - Join the Conversation

We invite you to connect and collaborate with educators participating in this PD via this Padlet

It's best when viewed in full screen so please click the link to join in. 


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Turn in your Digital Self