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Connect Your Toolkit to 360 Images

ThingLink Teacher Challenge Activity 5

About This Activity

This week we will explore the power of ThingLink when combined with popular 3rd party tools to help you build your toolkits. This is known as app-smashing and it promotes inventions.

Note: The activities you create with embedded tools will not be suitable for viewing in a VR headset.

Key Vocabulary: Embed

If a tool has an embed code, it can be embedded inside of a ThingLink tag.

ThingLink has an embed code, which means you can embed a ThingLink inside of any LMS or website that is capable of embedding. 

Resources to Support the Learning

 ThingLink + Google Apps Unpacking Google Apps for the Teacher Challenge
ThingLink Blog



Combing ThingLink with G Suite for Education

One of the primary goals of this week's activity is to help participants experience the power and usefulness of combining ThingLink with G Suite Tools. Educators can use a Google Doc to collect information, automate tasks and make the  workflow progress smoothly throughout a student driven learning experience. ThingLink's media rich platform displays published Google Docs right on top of any image. Better yet,  those Google Docs are live and interactive. This a truly great combination of tools for the classroom..

Ways to Put G Suite to Work 

  • Collect information for record-keeping and organize it all in one place.
  • Collect student feedback to personalize learning.
  • Informally assess students and use the results to guide instruction.
  • Collect assignments with a link for sharing in one place, sort it to assess growth and encourage student self-reflection
  • Pre-assess knowledge and skills for use in providing resources and instructional grouping.
  • Inform and teach by including instructional videos and resources 
  • + more!

Connect Your Toolkit

Here is an updated model of flexible toolkit for use with ThingLink. Explore the tools here, use them and more to design a lesson that makes great use of the power of technology for deep learning. We know there are more tools out there that work very well with ThingLink and we hope you will use the space on the Submit form to suggest adding them to the toolkit.


You will create a ThingLink 360 using the tools in your toolkit to guide the learning.       

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Discussion Board - Join the Conversation

We invite you to connect and collaborate with educators participating in this PD via this Padlet

It's best when viewed in full screen so please click the link to join in. 


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