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Step 2: Expertise Modules 

ThingLink Certified Educator Program consists of completing five expertise modules that will help educators develop both technical skills in using the ThingLink editor for creating visual learning experiences as well as pedagogic skills in working with their students. The technical features include: annotating images and videos with multiple forms of media, the creation of courses and assignments, the use of Immersive Reader, virtual tour creation, and collaborative editing.  For this reason, we ask you to complete these modules and use the checklist below to make sure you have the required components. 



Click through to learn more about each module and what you need to do. When your modules are completed, use the form on this page to submit them.

1. Design Your Digital Self

2. Add multimedia notes to camera images to document questions or observations outside

3. Design a Virtual Audio Tour

4. Create a course and assignment 

5. Share your classroom as an interactive video or 360 image 



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