360° & VR Editor

ThingLink's editor for 360° and VR Content allows you to bring a fully unique and immersive interactive experience directly to your audience. Browse best use cases, features, and technical specifications below.

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Featured example from Dallas News:

Explore this 360° image use case of Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones' office layered with descriptive video content.

Featured example from L'echo:

Explore this 360° virtual tour of a new civic project. Click on the arrows to transition between multiple 360° scenes.

Editor Highlights

Explore main features and key differenting factors.

Ease of Use

Annotating 360° images is intuitive with ThingLink's editor. Simply input your text or copy and paste web links or embed codes into our editor. ThingLink will then automatically transform and display the web link as one of our rich media tags. View full technical specifications here.

Hotspots and Customization

Embed many types of rich media hotspots into your 360° images.

This includes image, text, video, audio, web links, any embed code, and scene transitions which allow you to link many 360° scenes into one virtual tour.


Collect useful analytics about 360° images, such as viewer behavior, tag hovers and clicks.