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...a note from Susan

Why I Blog

Blogging about teaching and learning experiences makes me accountable for taking the time to thoughtfully reflect and pursue ways to kick the learning up a notch. I learn more from blogging than from any other professional activity I participate in. Quite simply, I blog to learn. 


Why I Ask Certified Educators to Blog

Blogging is perhaps one of the most powerful ways to grow as an educator. For many, blogging can become an essential part of the workflow, requiring us to dig deeper, engage in research, explain and reflect. As a life-long blogger, I believe blogging provides a significant piece in the learning process. 

One of the big reasons we blog here on the ThingLink Blog for Education is to provide our community with ideas and inspiration for using ThingLink for teaching and learning. We celebrate the leadership of ThingLink Certified Educators and truly appreciate the strength that can be found within this community of learners. 


Guest Blog: Task at a Glance

We would like you to share a 360 image you have created, pick an angle or focus for the story, and be sure to describe the educational value. Please write your post on a Google Doc and share Be yourself! 

Components of a Great Guest Post  

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A ThingLink 360/VR Image

Please include the link to your ThingLink in the Google Doc with your post. You can also insert a snapshot of the image for your own purposes, but we only need the link.


A Good Title

  • If ThingLink can be included in your title, it's best.
  • Please identify key words or a phrase to include in the title to help improve search engine optimization, SEO. This can be a simple as "ThingLink for Field Trips".This helps people who are searching for this content find your ThingLink post.

Correct Terminology

One of the goals is for your post to appear in a search. For this reason, we try to focus on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Including ThingLink with Key Words in the title and subheadings, helps our content get discovered through a search. Here are more tips

  • Include the key words from the title in the first paragraph of the post. This can be in the first line, or the last line of the intro paragraph.
  • Include ThingLink and the Key Words in Subheadings
  • Please be sure to spell ThingLink correctly, with the "L" in Link a cap.
  • Please use the term 360/VR when referring to our 360/VR media editor or media created with it.



To keep the content organized for our readers who will skim anything they read, please use subheadings to attact their attention. If you include those Key Words or phrases above in the subheadings, it increases the SEO and even more people will find it.

A Brief Bio

Please write a brief bio about yourself to be published at the bottom of your article. Use your social media contact information, tell readers about your role in education, promote your blog. If you don't do this,

A Profile Photo

  • Headshots work best because it will appear quite small at the botom of the blog.
  • Please share a link to an image we can download or attach it to an email.


Additional Images

If you want to include more than the 360 image in your post,j please share the link to those images with us iso we can download them.

  1. Attach the images files to an email.
  2. Share them via Google Drive or DropBox
  3. You can also include additional ThingLinks in your post. To display those, please insert the link to the ThingLink in your Google Doc and I will embed it into the post for you.


The focus of your post is to tell the story around the incredible 360 image you have created and there is no need for lengthy posts. Short posts that explain the educational value behind the 360 image are great. Please make sure to keep your posts under 550 words, if possible.

Submit Your Post

  • All posts are scheduled to go live at 6:00 am EST on the scheduled date, if possible.
  • Posts are due 48 hours before the scheduled date.
  • Please write your post on a Google Doc and share it with me for editing and review.
  • Contact if your post is delayed.

Embrace the Editing Process

If you are struggling with how to include the necessary components, please don't hesitate to contact I can help you iimprove your searchability and answer any questions you have and we are happy to help! We know you are busy and can work with you to meet the deadline!
Thank you so much for sharing your story and talents with our educational community!

Guest Post Examples


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