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Native Advertising

Interactivity is becoming the new normal within native advertising. ThingLink provides an easy solution for annotating images, videos, and VR with multiple call to action options that bring consumer engagement to a new level. From interactive lookbooks to immersive video reportage and shoppable 360 experiences, our solutions work for publishers and advertisers on all platforms and devices.

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Native ad solutions

Single image

Use interactive image to easily enhance any publishing environment, website or social media.

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Easily combine multiple images or videos into a shoppable lookbook or product guide.

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Interactive video

Increase ROI of video on the web, mobile and Facebook through call-action-links.

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Interactive 360° image

Transform showrooms and stores into immersive, shoppable experiences.

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Interactive 360° video

Give readers wings with breathtaking footage that they can truly explore.

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Interactive VR

ThingLink is revolutionizing virtual reality by providing actionable experiences. Learn more about what we can do for you.

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Promote your interactive campaigns on Facebook!
Use ThingLink images, carousels and videos to create more compelling Facebook campaigns. ThingLink executions are interactive in newsfeed and on Facebook app pages.

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ThingLink's "Best-in-Class" Native Ads from 2015

Discover how you can harness the true power of interactive visual media and start building great interactive experiences with ThingLink today! To request a demo or quote, please leave your details and we will get in touch soon.