Designing Interactive VR Lessons bootcamp

This bootcamp focuses on the powerful possibilities for teaching and learning with virtual reality across all content areas and grade levels. Participants will learn how to design and personalize interactive 360 experiences in the classroom using ThingLink’s 360 photo editor.

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Explore, Modify & Create Interactive 360/VR Images at a ThingLink 360/VR Bootcamp

Ignite student learning and creativity with a hands-on learning experience designed to help educators embrace 360/VR image editing to promote deep learning through student creativity




Shift from Consumption to Creation at a ThingLink 360/VR Bootcamp

ThingLink 360/VR Bootcamps provide powerful professional development opportunities for educators interested in shifting student learning experiences from consumption to creation. Over the past year, we have facilitated many Bootcamps in locations across the US. The Bootcamps provide us with ongoing opportunities to connect with educators, gain valuable feedback and develop local expertise.  





Recent Bootcamp @TCU's Idea Factory

January 12, 2018

TCU's IdeaFactory in Fort Worth, Texas

We're excited to be kicking off the new year at TCU on January 12, 2018! We're looking forward to traveling to Texas to work in the TCU Idea Factory with Journalism Professor Jean Brown, and her colleagues at TCU in a Bootcamp sponsored by the TCU IdeaFactory

"My organization is dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of TCU students, staff and faculty by providing an environment and resource where an idea can be advanced to a prototype, and potentially, beyond. - Cedric James, TCU IdeaFactory"'













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